YUMMY CUM – Semen Taste Enhancer


Make every oral sex encounter fully pleasurable for both you and your partner with Yummy Cum Semen Taste Enhancer pills. These all-natural pills made with real fruit extracts has be formulated to improve and enhance the texture and taste of your sperm and semen.
These potent fruit concentrates guarantee sweetness and pleasant taste with every ejaculation. Best of all, Yummy Cum also contain cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and even essential vitamins to ensure that your body also stays in the pink of health.


Product Description

How do I take it?
For best results take 2 Yummy Cum pills everyday with a large glass of water. Some clients find its sufficient to just take when required at a dose of 6 Yummy Cum Pills at least 3 hrs before a blow job.


What do they contain?
Yummy cum contains concentrated fruit and spice extracts, including Pineapple, Acai, wheat grass and cinnamon.


Is there any side effects?
Yummy Cum has no known side effects, however if you do experience any adverse effects stop taking immediately and consult with your doctor.


Will this really make my cum taste better?
Yes. Independent trials resulted in an amazing 100% of testers saying they noticed an improvement in the flavor and sweetness of the subjects who were taking Yummy Cum.


How long does it take to work?
Results will be noticeable even after the first day with optimal flavor taking up to 5 days to be apparent.


What are the ingredients?
Contains: Pineapple extract, Acai extract, Wheatgrass extract, and Cinnamon.


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